Health & Retirement Advice for the over 65′s

So you have reached 65 and realised that today’s retirement is very different. Gone are the days when it was a gradual slide away from a full life. With current life expectancies, we can expect to stay fit and active for a considerable number of years after retiring .You could spend 30+ years in retirement – more than any other stage of your life … and this offers huge opportunities to find a challenging, rewarding and satisfying way of life. Yet many people spend more time planning for their annual holiday than for their retirement.

You’ve worked hard to achieve an ‘ideal’ retirement lifestyle, but what does that really mean to you?

Here at we plan to show you that Retirement planning isn’t just financial planning – an important factor. It’s about personal planning – the opportunity to take a step back and ask yourself: ‘How can I create an enjoyable and enriching retirement lifestyle?’ Its also about your Health of course and in fact there are so many options, so many choices for us to make. We can help you understand the lifestyle choices that you need to consider.

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